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hello my little pretties my name is Amanda and i love all things fashion .... i love France,Chanel, brooks brothers,J.crew,Lavin, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks, D&G, vineyard vines, Tommy Hilfiger,Bows M.A.C, miu-miu, Burberry, juicy(not the tacky stuff), glitter, and basically all thing glamorous and preppy.... i live in Florida but i am constantly in New York. my idols are Audrey Hepburn and Blair Waldorf. I am not afraid to order desert but i am very healthy................ i hope you love my blog <3

XoXo- Amanda

prep by prettypreppygirlygirl featuring slim fit shirts
prep by prettypreppygirlygirl featuring slim fit shirts
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wow i can’t believe my bf cheated on me..going to cry my eyes out ;(

this picture and like 8 others are in MY ex-BOYFRIENDS e-mail and it isnt ME! theres other worse pics too. shes actually done this many times.. she does it to every girl/guy in town. ill probaly post them all later if enough people bash this slut

her tumblr is http:/kellysex.tumblr.com

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Diamonds are a girls best friend!!

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